Neurotypical Cyberspace / Asperger Hell

Cyberspace is a domain characterized by the use of electronics and the electromagnetic spectrum to store, modify, and exchange data via networked systems and associated physical infrastructures. In effect, cyberspace can be thought of as the interconnection of human beings through computers and telecommunication, without regard to physical geography.

Cyberspace is the latest incarnation of the “social brain” and therefore, it is dominated by the social hierarchy.


Every six months or so I try to understand stats, as if someone at WordPress has figured out that the “stats” as presented on “stats pages” of a blog ought to be of use to the owner/user of that blog. They’re not, and for one reason: these pages are “window dressing” – that is, the numbers have no validity, but are presented as lists, graphs, and charts labeled with obscure titles that actually mislead the blog owner. How do I know? Hundreds of forum questions asking for definitions which are (reluctantly) “explained” in mindboggling obscure language. Identical questions can be found going back FOR YEARS – the solutions “offered” have expired, due to changes in  that seem to accumulate like mutations in lab rats.

One might “guess” that software design would attract Asperger types, but this is a falsehood in terms of our “love” of simple, practical, WORKING design; stress-reducing clarity and not Byzantine torture; superhighways of communication, and not goat paths to nowhere.

How many dead ends can a blogger survive without descending into madness? The adjustment that must be made on the user’s end is to “give up on” communication as the object of blogging. Communication requires “feedback” from the real world of actual visitor activity, but there is none. Attention-seeking neurotypical bloggers may be satisfied with pretend numbers, but Aspergers want real numbers.

Cyberspace lacks obvious logic; the interface with the “public user” needs to be about human needs and abilities. “Cute” does not convey information; obscure labels do not convey information; generic graphs do not convey information; starting an instructive sequence many layers into the problem merely obscures the problem. Directing a blogger to a label (that no longer exists) because someone “liked” another label better (whim or function, who knows?) changed it – and “the system” has no way to convey this to users or to remove misinformation.

How many MILLIONS OF HOURS are wasted every day over this rigid, but chaotic, impenetrable mess of “wiring” – which when you get down to it, is what all this cyber mega-communication is. The U.S. economy suffers from “not producing real things” which for some vaguely snobbish reasons has become passe and only fit for second and third rate countries. Instead, the economy relies on the belief in “magic money” which is the manifestation of male emotional volatility regarding “value.” What is value? Not a quality of a specific product, by any means. Value has become a statistical construct, a direction on a graph, a prejudice in a trading program; the profit enabled by cheats in cyberspace.

Ask a simple question: never get a straight answer. The “barriers” to receiving information have become enormous; learned helplessness on the part of consumers is an epidemic due to intentional walls that have no door or window. “Give up trying to reach us, you stupid consumer” has replaced conscientious interaction. The Wall of unavailability is everywhere, and  even more final that steps that define the pyramid. The top of the pyramid has become a fortress that prevents all attempts at requiring accountability.

The vehicle of digital communication has utterly failed – even it’s best promise (massive data exchange and sharing) has become a huge liability when data can be so easily compromised – but NOT SHARED between “cooperating entities.”


But why? BECAUSE IT’S DESIGNED BY NEUROTYPICALS Few people have any idea how to structure information so that it is useful, because this can only be done if hoarding and clutter are kept at bay – a system must be “alive” and not the accumulation of bad ideas. New information is of little value if the old and out-of-date “stuff” clogs up the highway. Neuroptypicals have a severe fear of blank space and the “danger” of using concrete words; fill it all up with repetitive modules and irrelevant text – and never-ever fact check.

The Neurotypical problem is the same old social problem: selection of “who gets to decide” is based on SOCIAL STATUS and not on expertise. Systems are designed to “feed the ego” of whomever has power on the pyramid. Or worse, a committee is rounded up to work out a stalemate that keeps anything new or even satisfactory from happening. Inattentional blindness takes over; junk proliferates because no one dare “throw out” what is useless (judgment of quality and excellence is forbidden at all levels of American life) The result is a “new digital world” that is the “same old neurotypical world” in which simple questions have no answer.

NOTE: The bullshit just gets deeper!

I linked the Asperger human blog to google+ about two weeks ago, and the total views has climbed to 300,000. This isn’t believable!  




2 thoughts on “Neurotypical Cyberspace / Asperger Hell

  1. Its interesting you posted this, since I am going through a cyberspace crisis at the moment myself.

    I left the USA on an extended visit to in-laws (my wife is not an American) last month. The day my flight left I got an employment lead emailed to me -the first time this has happened in months- and we had to reschedule a hospital appointment for when we returned, both of which involved a phone call.

    Anyway, I am spending time in remote areas in my wife’s country where dialing internationally is not a trivial task. After emailing an Asperger/ autistic friend in yet another country, he advised using Skype. I had tried using Skype about six years ago and gave up in frustration. I suspect he has never used Skype and did an unstereotypically neurotypical thing and trying to convey he knew more than he did.

    My wife’s family also advised me to use Skype and said they did so all the time, but of course it turns out they had never used it before and didn’t know the foggiest idea how to use it, and as the result of their efforts I got locked out of my principal email account, with no prospect of recovery until I get back to the US, if then. I can still access the internet and I found out that this is not uncommon.

    I am thinking now that I have been amazingly lucky and should have deleted the account years ago! I have a huge backup of spam that I no longer have to go through. Yes, I can reconstruct my contacts if I have to, but honestly after thinking about it I would be OK if I never heard from nearly any of my correspondents again, sad as it sounds.

    Pretty much the whole internet thing started out as an aspergery dream -you can avoid face to face interactions but still keep up with the wider world- but like anything else important has been completely taken over by neurotypicals, to the point where it is literally a web of unneeded and unwanted obligations.

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    • Luckily you can’t hear me laughing – kind of hysterical and desperate cackling actually. I only have a tracfone (buy minutes, no contract) and never answer calls – it’s for emergencies only. I don’t know how wifi works, which I’d like to have so I could blog from remote locations, but I can’t find instructions in a form that I can understand. Everyone says “It’s easy, just hook it up” which means someone set it up for them. I couldn’t possibly text, and why would I want to? I have to admit that I’m more conscious of being Asperger on the Internet than in “real life”- And terrified by what it must be like to have to function with a social typical brain. The Horror!


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