Wittgenstein / Autistic vs. Neurotypical Language

Revealing and “to the point” explication of why Asperger people, even the verbally adept, find neurotypical language use baffling and uninformative; unclear, illogical, and “pointless.”

Neurotypicals lack insight into the failure of humans to communicate (despite the magical organ of “mind reading” hidden somewhere in those brain scans.) A sad situation (and a fatal illusion) that results in local-to-global misunderstandings; a dire situation that is so obvious and yet is universally denied by socially modern humans. It’s why “discussions” rarely result in solutions, but instead create frustration and anger. The default “solution” is violence.

Also read the excellent essay by Alan Griswold: The World as Wittgenstein Found It / The Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus as a Model of Autistic Cognition

“Autistics think differently than non-autistics—dramatically so. Autistics do not form their fundamental cognitive framework around innate recognition of their human surroundings, as non-autistics generally do, but instead develop a cognition informed primarily by the patterns and structure to be found in the broader environment. This form of cognition presents daunting challenges: autistics experience developmental delays relative to their neurotypical peers, and autistics mostly struggle with lifelong difficulties managing the social aspects of human behavior and culture. But autistic cognition offers a significant compensation. With thought processes less grooved by remnant channels of age-old species need, autistics gain potential to grasp the world in a unique manner.”

complete essay: http://autisticsymphony.com/wittgenstein.html

“For an autistic, a change in structure is a dramatic change to the world.”

Thanks to emmajoey for introducing Alan Griswold/autisticsymphony



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