Aspie Analogy / Where are the Aliens?

The Fermi Paradox Is Not Fermi’s, and It Is Not a Paradox Link to alternative history of the so-called “Fermi Paradox” in Scientific American Blogs



A video-graphic treatment of the “problem of alien life” as set forth by the Pop-Sci version of the Fermi Paradox. I actually hate this type “billions and billions” algorithm – cliché propositions that end up back at the original question: Are there (other) intelligences in the universe, and if yes, then why aren’t they visiting us? A bit narcissistic, no?

This truly is one of those questions that can only be answered by fact: We’ll know when and if they arrive, or are foolish enough to send a message.

One clue as to whether or not Homo sapiens will succeed proactively in locating “intelligence” “out there” in the incomprehensibly “big” universe, is the massive failure to recognize “intelligent life” right here on planet earth. Like the Conquistadors who burned priceless codices of the Aztecs, or Christians who purposefully destroyed the intellectual heritage of Greece and Rome, if we could get our grubby little hands on alien life and technology, we would still turn it into pink and purple plastic crap from Planet X and domesticate “green and orange slime of life” as novelty pets. And you can bet from our sordid history, we would set about destroying any and all life that we encounter.

On a more personal level: Neurotypicals can’t even recognize that an alien, but intelligent life form, referred to as Asperger, lives among you.


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