Photo Discovery / Asperger Family

I wish there were an Asperger genealogy site: connections between “Asperger families” might be found.

Anglo Saxon Quakers to Colonial America 1680. GGM

German Mennonites – to Germantown, PA  ca. 1683 from Krefeld, Germany. GGF

cb3743a4-b3dc-4dec-b9d0-0e195497c3f5 441b3ca5-6958-49f8-ac0f-403596d84ff6 AC Rex

Great Grandmother: Great Grandfather – paternal side








Genealogy: It’s truly amazing what the Internet has done for tracking families. While noodling around various sites I found three photographs of my father’s family – taken when they were young. And the images are good enough to get an idea as to appearance. I had only seen snapshots of my great grandparents when they were very old. In my mind they had always been ancient; it’s quite a surprise to see them as “regular people” living their lives.

Theresia Muhleis (12Sep1833-25Aug1917)gg Gregor H. Schlott (12Mar1827-14Mar1894)final

Great, great grandparents on my father’s maternal side.  This would be the avenue of Asperger transmission if it truly has a genetic component. They emigrated from Bavaria, 1850s.



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