Photo Discovery / Are there Asperger Families?

I wish there were an Asperger genealogy site: connections between “Asperger families” might be found.

Anglo Saxon Quakers to Colonial America 1680. 

cb3743a4-b3dc-4dec-b9d0-0e195497c3f5 441b3ca5-6958-49f8-ac0f-403596d84ff6 AC Rex

Above: Great Grandmother: Great Grandfather – paternal side (Growing up, relatives always remarked that I look like this GGMother.)

Below: Grandfather







Father’s mother’s family; from Bavaria, 1854.

Theresia Muhleis (12Sep1833-25Aug1917)gg Gregor H. Schlott (12Mar1827-14Mar1894)final

Great grandmother and great grandfather. IF there is an Asperger genetic type (and from family history) this would be the likely line.



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