I am so fed up with Sexist “Male Brain”

Imagemale brain

This is how males see human brains / abilities. Men count: everything human (other than pregnancy and birth) is within the male domain, and in order to “understand” this totality of human intelligence and endeavor, one must have a male brain.

Women belong at the outer ring of the human experience. The only abilities they have are biological: get pregnant, give birth.

Therefore, any female who crosses the boundary must be male by default; to be male, one must have a male brain. Asperger females don’t recognize any such boundary, because it’s a socially-constructed barrier: illogical, irrational and sexist.



5 thoughts on “I am so fed up with Sexist “Male Brain”

  1. The hippo-scene escaped my memory. Might read it again and surely will tell my oldest daughter about that picture. It may help her and give her a smile the next time she has to endure male hubris.


  2. Oh, and I did not mean that it was only women´s duty to end patriarchy while men stand by or that men are not obliged to speak uo against sexism. I just have little hope that sexist men (and their female supporters) “just stop” that shit without being forced to by the oppressed.

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  3. My guess is that Simon Baron-Cohens theories will not be seriously discussed anymore in, let´s say, ten years. No, make it fifteen.
    I do like the approach of Non-social humans having an adult brain. (Not extreme adult, just adult). And maybe Autistics are “wired” to develop an adult brain by default. If society´s idiocies wouldn´t exist, being like this would not be seen as deficient. Baron-Cohens main theme seems to be “empathy”, cognitive and affective. An adult course of action when, for example, trying to help someone in physical or psychological distress is staying calm (“without affective empathy” – it´s about the other person, not about yourself), maybe verbalizing what´s going on and inviting the other person to verbalize (not assuming that the other one is “just like you”, thus not experiencing magic empathy by looking – at yourself again), which clarifies the situation and helps to know the other person´s condition a little better. So, providing efficient first aid should really be seen as male? Having and expressing a whole lot of emotions, not helping anyone is female? You could see it this way, but it would be sexist and simply wrong and insulting.
    As far as I know, the term “empathy” stems from the attempt to introduce the German “Einfühlungsvermögen” (the ability of feeling into) to the English language. Social humans have that ability – as an illusion. One might say: But it´s working for them. Yes, it´s a shared illusion working because of the social games, and it´s best working for psychopaths.
    Okay, I somehow lost my point… Anyway, I wished women would be louder about that sexist crap and Autistic women would make themselves heard more.
    Found this funny and true insight into the, according to male-brain theorists “extreme female” (social) brain, by the seemingly abandoned Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical: http://www.hilferuf.de/forum/leben/55452-normal-personality-disorder.html
    Please don´t let sexist idiots and assholes insult and annoy you.

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    • “Einfühlungsvermögen” OMG! If this word hadn’t been translated as “empathy” no one outside of Germany would be able to pronounce it, and the concept would have died. Germans ought to keep such words to themselves. LOL

      Yes, American empathy consists of “I know how awful you must feel” accompanied by a stuffed bear and a heart-shaped balloon, considered to be suitable whatever the degree; minor inconvenience or terrible tragedy. Aspergers are “granted” cognitive empathy – but that doesn’t count; that is, real help is valueless. Only an outlandish display of emotional gestures counts, even though that does nothing to help the situation. The adult brain: at this point no one remembers what an adult is! The spectacle over Brexit demonstrates that psychological neoteny has gone viral! We can’t expect any help from Europe. I wrote a post about psychologists having “female brains” using their own definitions. I’ll drag it out and update it with the link you included.

      The sexist stuff! Have you read Conrad’s Heart of Darkness? There’s an image of Africans on the deck of the ship: a hippo was shot and butchered for them to eat, which they refused. The meat was left on deck to rot as punishment. Conrad describes their stoicism while having to endure the stench of rotting hippo meat. Whenever I’m stuck with some A-hole sexist, I picture dead hippo meat – endurance is possible!

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