For the Love of God, Please Shut up!


Where do universities find these Twits? Middle Earth? Renaissance fairs? Elfin, dragon and unicorn nests?

And what the Hell is “Fry Week”?

The worst lecture by the worst math prof is spectacularly entertaining compared to this inconsequential pandering to neurotypical narcissism.  The intellectual content is Psych 101. Actually, there is only Psych 101. “Advanced Psych” is the same content, but with brain scans tacked on.

The sacrifices I make for this blog: I have to listen to these videos!

Hmmm…this Asperger person seems pretty worked up over psychology.

I wonder why?

It’s simple, really. Psychology strips people of their substance, and then claims, this is what you are: no more than mice and rats. To an Asperger, this is a hateful opinion of living things, and as much an insult to rodents as it is to humans.




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