Inquiring minds want to know

yogi-berra-photo-quote-1 quote-by-the-reddit-intellectual-jokes-chain201211281

Psychologists actually believe that testing “cave men” for the ability to use paper and scissors is a valid measure of their intelligence.


In parts of the world that don’t have IQ tests, how do people know who, if anyone, is intelligent?

Has anyone developed a testable method to confirm or deny that those with high IQs turn out to be intelligent “on the ground”?


Why are intelligent people paraded around like oddities and novelties, as if they are magicians or freaks? Intelligent people are produced by evolution’s natural processes like the rest of us, but are expected to come up with gizmos that entertain the crowd.

Do “geniuses” really “poop out” at a young age? If so, why do we accept as important what they do after they peak?

Are the hard sciences actually easier “to do” than the “squishy” life sciences? That is, having a mathematical language / structure to verify the work is a huge advantage.


Why don’t fields like archaeology and psychology let go of the non-applicable mathematical crutches they “borrow” in order to prop up their desperate need to be counted as sciences, and establish true creative criteria for their fields of study? Right now, the efforts comes off as repetitive, insecure, undisciplined and lacking reality-based imagination.

Why do people think that technology replaces thinking, as if whomever invented the shovel presented it to “the world” with the claim that all thinking could now stop? Maybe it did stop.

Why can’t people distinguish that one way to make money is to be a “good businessperson”, but the fast and easy way is to be a (smart) crook?











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