Should Allergy Season be renamed Neanderthal Season?

Allergies is a big topic and doctor’s opinions seem to be divided. One may suggest a $4000. substance by substance “prick test” likely followed by adding that it’s a big expense for the confirmation that 10,000 sq. /miles of sagebrush is the culprit. Another may go straight for steroid shots; no thank you. I’ll tough it out: Flonase is a miracle drug and available at the grocer’s.

Allergies are common in a wilderness of knee-high shrubs and grasses which have positively adapted to having pollen and seeds given effortless distributed by the Wyoming wind. These plants are anchored by pale sand particles that saltate  along the ground surface and  fine clay that is whipped into clouds that travel miles and miles of desert. All of this is unavoidable.

It doesn’t help that I transplanted sage and rabbit brush, bunch grass and miscellaneous unidentified growing things (It grows! Dig it up and take it home – is my gardening approach). But none of this answers, WHY?

Asperger -types consistently express the “wrong planet” experience, referring to the dominant social human environment, but my response to the severity of my allergies is the same: How can my immune system be so intolerant of my native planet?

Rumors concerning the Neanderthal contribution to the genome include a “super response” to components of modern environments, natural or artificial: Allergies. Some research “may indicate” that those of us with allergies may have specific immune system gene-types found in the Neanderthal genome.

In recognition of Neanderthal Season, I’m going to look into this.




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