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Blogging: Revelations

I’ve only received TWO nasty, incoherent, off-the-wall, inappropriate, conspiracy theory, “you’re the devil” messages in (almost) two years of posting. I had anticipated a tsunami of hysteria given the topic of Aspergers and (possibly) related human behavior and my frank opinions, so I find this surprising.

I have had no indignant refutations of my posts on the part of the “helping, caring, fixing industry” – myriad posts that call into question the validity of this industry.

There are too many reasons why this may be to list them all, but here are a few: “Experts” do not read material that is generated by non-colleagues. It’s a closed system. Example: A Roman Catholic priest is unlikely to surf the internet looking for criticism on the part of atheists who analyze Catholic dogma.

It is apparent that people within specific disciplines don’t often consult with people working in related fields. Example: human behaviorists / animal behaviorists. If they did, many enduring roadblocks in the “mystery of human psychology” would not persist a day, and surely not for decades, so why would we expect closed-minded human behaviorists to venture beyond a supernatural world of their own creation; one in which they feel empowered to describe human behavior with great prejudice and further, to dictate how a human being ought to live based on narrow culture-based Western arrogance.

One disturbing “fact” of language is that if a “guess, conjecture, prejudice, mistake or outright lie” is repeated often enough, by persons who have been elected to the academic priesthood, the unfounded declaration becomes “an object of faith”. In the present state of instant media propagation, a “study” is barely published (often without peer review) before its slap-dash conclusions and outlandish claims become items of novelty and trivia in the “information gyre” of popular neoteny.


Why would a scientist who is serious about his or her work toss it into the “waste bin” that is junk science? They wouldn’t.

Can you spot valid research within this debris pile?


The intent behind this blog has been to alert Asperger individuals and other children and adults, whose lives have been, in many cases, effectively destroyed by social systems, that the methods used are PREDATORY: You are told that you are defective, subhuman and a problem.  Having established this lie as “scientifically true” the predators are permitted to ignore YOUR existence as a human being, and abuse you for profit (and for their status on the social pyramid) for the rest of your life. This “theme of pathology” has been used to disenfranchise many Americans – it is an obnoxious thread that holds together the history of psychiatry-psychology.

People diagnosed Asperger (born with neuro-complex brains) find it incredibly difficult to exist in toxic social environments. So do “normal” humans! American children are socialized to embrace negative adaptations enforced by indoctrination and training in schools. The message is that behavior defined by an extreme minority of social elites is the only “truly human” behavior. This prescriptive is harmful to living things.

Widespread abuse of drugs is negatively adaptive, as are interpersonal violence and the inability to be educated. Much attention (and money) is directed to the supposed “defects” of children on the mythical Autism Spectrum, which is an incoherent grab bag of psychologically-condemned behavior: the situation is misunderstood. The United States has constructed a culture in which normal behavior is defined by psychological neoteny. Neotenic pathologies are promoted: generations of never-to-be adults face the task of “running” a nation. Failure is the new normal.



3 thoughts on “Blogging / Some thoughts on social reality

  1. If autists (of ALL possible modes of expression) are # defined as ‘subhuman and defective, needing to be fixed/erased/destroyed at all costs, and by any means, consequences be damned’ – then one wonders just what constitutes the more-or-less mythical antipode-of-the-autist?

    My suspicion is ‘a less-homicidal version of Patrick Bateman – a better-looking James Fallon ‘- a sneakier Hannibal Lechter- a more-careful Bernard Madoff.

    Such is the God of Normdom – all Content, and NO substance.


    • I’m on the verge of assuming that the intelligent self-aware version of modern social humans, aka neurotypicals, is indeed the predatory version, with some % of those falling into the psychopath slot. I doubt humanity as we know it could survive without predators. The 1% of humans designated ASD may indicate that by selection our numbers are extremely limited – and we do exist despite being targets. Why? We’re the people who are in contact with reality: THEY NEED US.


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