Novelty as symptom of Neoteny / Beards

One characteristic of neoteny (I’m using the casual term) is an obsession with novelty. Novelty is a modern social obsession. Where do men express novelty? On their faces.

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Some men are letting women know that they have removed themselves from the gene pool. These “novelty” beards scream “infantile”

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Beardness: It comes downs to the individual  male. Does he have the self-awareness to know what he looks like with facial hair? The style of facial hair communicates not only self-awareness, but the personality behind it.


Very nice…



Beard or no beard: Who cares!


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A beard cannot hide a baby face, although juvenalized males are hoping that facial hair is an antidote to neoteny . Who looks great in a beard? Hemingway, but after all, he was Hemingway.


The anti-neoteny movement, with misogynist messages aimed at “baby” men. Have men caught on to the fact that women are fed up with infantile men?



The good old days, when men captured women, beat the crap out of them and forced them to be slaves…




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