$225,000,000 per year spent in U.S. / Predatory Research

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Autism research funding: who is paying and how much?

To answer the most basic question, the current annual expenditure on autism research in the U.S. is $225,000,000.

Most of us assume (and we are right) that in the US, the Government is the biggest source of research funding. But as it turns out, fully 35% of the research funding for autism in the U.S. is from private sources. That works out to over $78M in autism research funding is from private sources. Pretty impressive.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to who is the largest private source?

Autism Speaks

would be a good guess. It was mine. A.S. is a respectable second with $31M, but the number one private source of autism funding is the

Simons Foundation

with $43M per year.

So, now we know where the money is coming from. The next question is “where is it going?” There are pages of detailed information on that in the research portfolio discussed at the IACC, but let’s take the summary view. In specific, NIH collated the research by category. They used the categories from the Strategic Plan: ???All of these categories are important and each of us will have a different view on the priorities. The issues I want to see get more funding involve figuring out how best to support autistics. In order to do so, I feel the research community has to fill a big gap in their knowledge when it comes to adult autistics.

Or, to put it in Strategic Plan categories, I think category V (where can I turn for services) and, mostly, VI (What does the future hold) need more attention and funding. As autism research funding grows, we should be expanding funding in these areas.

How is funding divided now? Well, here’s a pie chart: (missing)

Obviously the funding agencies don’t agree with me on priorities. Category V gets 1% of the funding, and category VI gets 5%.

Let’s put this another way: there are by some estimates roughly 1.5M autistics in the U.S. (I know that’s debated, but let’s go with it for a rough estimate). We are spending about $9M on understanding adults with autism. Roughly, $6 per autistic. Does that make sense?

Or, to put it another way, we have 300M people in the U.S.. Each of us is spending, what, $0.005 (one-half cent) a year on studying adults with autism? Surely we can do better than that.


The “epidemic” in Autism has been manufactured by the Autism Industry

We must wake up to the fact that GRANTS and FUNDING categories are driven by potential profits: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Diagnosis now routinely occurs in children BEFORE AGE 3. Imagine the profit potential in research that traps children in lifelong service as a type of farm animal – an object that is only valuable as a “producer” of income for corporate predators –

Adults do not present this bonanza $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and therefore research is not worth funding.



2 thoughts on “$225,000,000 per year spent in U.S. / Predatory Research

  1. Not merely financial profit-social profit, also.

    Normdom tends to view the dollars as merely a symptom of accentuated social dominance – as in ‘when one achieves maximal social rank / deification, then one automatically possesses all resources’. (which includes Croesus like wealth)


    • Just finished new post: Colossal Turd Syndrome, my “new” label for having Neurotypical Syndrome. Social warfare between consumer and corporate America – like you said, social dominance rules. .


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