Did God shoot the Gorilla?

“For those of you that have seen the news or been on social media that was my son that fell in the gorilla exhibit at the zoo. God protected my child until the authorities were able to get to him.”

Mother of child that “somehow” fell into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati zoo.


So let me get this straight: was God watching as the boy fell in and didn’t bother to grab him, or was he busy elsewhere? Did “someone” text or email him about the incident: Jesus maybe? However he got the message, did he put a spell on the gorilla, allowing him to drag the boy around a bit – but not really hurt him? Clever! Good video on the News. But wait; who told the zookeeper to shoot the gorilla? Did god make him shoot the animal? Or did God pull the trigger? Does God secretly hate gorillas? Is that why gorillas are nearing extinction? If God loves the animals of earth, why didn’t he save the gorilla?

By Jove! Neurotypical thinking is so much harder than simple logic and reason! No wonder neurotypicals think that thinking is too hard.




2 thoughts on “Did God shoot the Gorilla?

  1. “God protected my child until the authorities were able to get to him.” Wow, that’s somehow like an exclamation mark to many of your articles – a big, neon-red mark put into one repulsive sentence. I don’t know how the imprisoned gorilla treated the child. But obviously he/she didn’t let it fall into the rattle snake and coralillo exhibit or something like that. Shot for being more protective than the child’s mom and her god? Just… (lacking words – not just in English)
    While I’m commenting: Your post on war moved me a lot. It was hard to read for me, but so clear, so to the point… I will have to read it some more times, which won’t be easy. Not knowing much about the USA I presume that there’s a tradition of thinkers and writers akin to you.


    • I don’t think people in Europe understand how radically stupid American Christians are. The ‘gorilla’ parents are TYPICAL AMERICANS. This explains the bizarre and incoherent political, educational and social chaos of our country, and the even more outrageous foreign policies we pursue. War is very popular because it’s so Old Testament: pick an enemy and God will destroy them. No one, not even our president, congress or the military and all the “smart people” in Washington can figure out why we repeatedly screw up. God told us we would win! fault! Europe ought to be very frightened of the U.S. Did you read the post about how we’re planning a tank war with Russia?

      The war piece was written in a moment of despair. Now I embrace despair; it’s easier than hoping anything will change. Yes, there are more like me, but I don’t know any personally. I live in Wyoming which is empty. Very homogenous – all white, all Republican so there’s nothing to argue about. LOL


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