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I’m a man with high-functioning Asperger Syndrome. If you have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) like me, or if you just want to know more about social customs, then I hope that you’ll find this web site useful. I’ll be writing down the unwritten rules that I learn as I explore the social customs around me. I’ll also be discussing depictions of ASD in popular culture, and linking to useful resources and web sites that I’ve come across.

This site explains the unwritten rules for the following situations:

This site also has information on the following subjects:

  • Important concepts to understand when discussing the unwritten rules;
  • Useful resources for understanding the unwritten rules;
  • Discussions of how ASD is representet in popular culture; and
  • Information about this web site and its author.

Welcome to Unwritten Rules. I hope you enjoy your time here.



If social rules are so important, why then are they “unwritten”? Do we learn “unwritten” laws of physics? Actually, social rules are not unwritten; there are just too many that are specific to a social context; class, race, wealth, job, workplace, church, athletics, and on and on to ever compose an authentic list. Rules apply to specific groups, cultures and subcultures: these are written down all the time.

The assumption that “everyone” (except ASD people) automatically inhales social rules, as if the info is spread by some hooky spooky contagion, is another one of those social myths that needs to go away.

The one truly unwritten social rule “allows” certain people to ignore, transgress, and to make up their own unfair rules: the rich and powerful, including politicians and the corporate elite.





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