How Society Corrupts Alexithymia / Neurotypical Nonsense

The definition of Alexithymia:


In case this isn’t clear, Alexithymia does not mean that a person LACKS FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, or significant REACTIONS to the environment. It simply means that one has difficulty EXPRESSING those reactions verbally. This is not unexpected in VISUAL THINKERS.

But, of course, neurotypicals don’t “get it”. Here are a few of the distortions that appear in social fantasy.

Alexithymia has become the default disorder of being male, a complaint made by women who want men to be women.


6377bd13bc5243e3b958ab9df3f1df73 images00EG9FCR

Reactionary claim made by males who are tired of being “a disorder”


BONKERS! Who did this? 1865-2009 Frequency of Alexithymia by state??? Oh, it’s the Research Foundation for the University of New York.

alexithymia-us-heatmap_gif Where is Alex hot (as a disease)

Then we have the cat and “big boob” versions. Can’t do without those!

superthumb 1413438girl

And the “add anything that goes through your brain” approach. 


in Russia:



Bad grammar, feeble concepts: just keep throwing psychology nonsense on the pile because who has time for intellectual discipline? Don’t use “physiological” if you don’t know that it’s PHYSICAL…



This is published by Prentice Hall, which ought to tell us how LOUSY textbooks have become. It’s embarrassing.






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