Violence / Occident vs. Orient


article-2424361-1BE4C7C1000005DC-447_634x328 article-2424361-1BE4C7C9000005DC-429_634x319 article-2424361-1BE4C7DA000005DC-704_634x325 article-2424361-1BE4C7DE000005DC-403_634x324 these maps can be viewed as a time lapse video of changing boundaries. Also check out for more maps and a simplified narrative of world history.


How short is human memory! How inadequate is our knowledge of even the most recent “current” events, or what conditions, choices and dynamics created them. The typical American knows nothing about our own War of Independence; The Civil War, the Vietnam conflict (never declared a war), Afghanistan and Iraq, nor what we continue to do in unnamed and secret actions around the world. I dare say that many young people have no memory of September 11, 2001, other than a video loop of the collapse of World Trade Center towers. Secrecy has increasingly enveloped American policy and the media continue to deliver relentless sermons meant to terrorize the public into thinking that the world is ending. It’s always ending / becoming.

Will this geographical / religious / cultural / lifestyle violence between East and West end? No. A social narrative, as well as geographic circumstance, has created and supports conflict at the crossroads of continents and humans do not learn by experience, but cling to irrational and dangerous ideas.

Some highlights in the conflict over establishing a boundary between Europe and Asia.
The Greco-Persian Wars, 499-449 BCE
Alexander the Great invades Persian Empire east to India and North Africa, 334-323 BCE
The Punic Wars / Rome versus Carthage, 264 – 146 BCE
The Byzantine Empire, 320-1453 CE was slowly in reduced in area by Persians, Arabs and Turks
Invasions by Huns ca. 5th C. and Mongols 13th C.
Arab Empire, Spain to India, 700-1000 CE / Reconquista
Ottoman Empire (Turks), 1299-1922
After WWI, the Ottoman Empire was broken up and repartitioned by Europeans (British and French) as if carving up a pizza – to enrich themselves and without regard for the safety and well-being of the inhabitants. The aftermath of this arrogance and greed is what the region is dealing with today.

And on, and on….




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