New Blog Subject? / Great Ideas that Stink

Asperger Human has grown to be so large that it’s become “unfriendly” to search engines; actually it passed that threshold long ago. The real problem is me; I’ve lost track of what individual posts cover, and my Asperger way of organizing information is not linear, categorical, branching, or file-based. Within-blog search works well, but I don’t know how many people use that function.  Being an intuitive visual thinker  serves ME well – it’s all in my brain, but in no way is information organized in the “typical” hierarchical framework.

Actually, at this point I doubt that the “typical social human” organizes information hierarchically either; it’s a convention taught in schools – what used to be called “making an outline” which forced children to read and think about the relative importance of ideas and facts in written documents and other types of communication. Decisions at all levels of social organization are now made based on “how people feel” moment to moment: an infantile state which decades ago was considered temporary. In fact, much of education was designed to get children beyond this infantile self-centeredness in order to help them become responsible adults, an archaic concept, the need for which has not gone away, however.

New blog? Great Ideas that Stink


I’ve been noodling over a topic for a new blog, which would be an extension of ideas in Asperger Human, but which will apply to all people: the most critical defect that I see in contemporary (western) cultures is the inability to form new ideas that will be effective in the 21st Century. A backlog of “good ideas that are no longer sufficient” drives “modern” choices; technology (as usual) is taking Homo sapiens into new arenas.

This is not new: exploration seems to be a given in human behavior. The cheerleaders for technical domination are presently in control, but (as usual) the business-technical cohort overestimates “progress” in human health and happiness. What good is that fabulous genetic medical technique when millions of humans don’t have clean water and sufficient nutrition? And countering the “new whizz-bang” medical devices are armed drones that shred individual “bystanders” in villages bereft of decent living conditions and the energy to overcome decades of trauma?

Ideas are not things; ideas drive behavior, and are “supernatural.” Ideas are formed by the human brain and exist nowhere else. This is a good thing, because unlike the Laws of Nature, ideas can be changed. There is one little nut that need’s to be “cracked” and it’s the illusion that the ideas we learn, mostly by absorption from the human environment, are essential to the universe, absolutely fundamental to the universe, and that every human being must agree on which ideas constitute this “absolutist” body of paper thin, ephemeral, supernatural regime of ideas. Terrible behavior follows on acceptance of “words” as the power that created the universe.

For now, let’s start with a simple definition of “idea” from Merriam Webster:

: a thought, plan, or suggestion about what to do (an idea is active): an opinion or belief (not all ideas are equal in fact or utility): something that you imagine or picture in your mind (supernatural)

Clip from an intro to The Great Ideas / Mortimer Adler:

What does it mean to be Good? How do we decide the Right thing to do? What is Love? The same question may appear to have different answers; the journey through the conflicting answers to a resolution is called philosophy. The Great Ideas are Art, Beauty, Change, Democracy, Emotion, Freedom, God, Good and Evil, Government, Justice, Labour, Language, Law, Learning, Love, Man, Opinion, Philosophy, Progress, Punishment, Truth, and War and Peace. (These aren’t “ideas” so much as Topics – so we’re in trouble already!) 
Although everyone has a basic grasp of these Great Ideas, not everyone understands them as well as he or she could or should. In “How to Think About the Great Ideas”, renowned philosopher Mortimer J. Adler guides readers to an understanding of these fundamental ideas and their practical applications to our daily lives.

There are thousands of books and articles written by historians, philosophers, and related “experts” about the stupendous course of western history, launched by POVs rooted in  tradition, revision, religion, technology, Great Men,  political and social ideologies, art, anthropology, and genetics / DNA, mostly upholding the supremacy or “march” of EuroAmerican males from the Ancient Greeks onwards. Not my intention to join the crowd! My approach will be much like Asperger Human: identifying the origin of an idea, the environment that encouraged it, its misplaced application today and why it is preventing individual “happiness” –

OMG! This is new blog will be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.





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