Idiotic slideshow for GP’s to “diagnose” Aspergers

Aye, yai, yai!

Slideshare presentation by Debra Moore PhD, directed to “general practitioners” explaining Asperger’s Syndrome and a closet full of “disorders” that boggle the mind. The slideshow is comprised of 83 slides.

ONE BIG COMMENT: This is so bizarre that words fail me, except HOW INSULTING this is to all children, their parents and general practitioners (if there are any left in the U.S.) Asperger people will not be surprised by how neurotypically idiotic are the claims – another “imaginary” description of Asperger traits and behavior. Just stop!!!

Why would this be suitable information for a medical doctor when 1. Aspergers is not a medical condition 2. none of the information is medical 3. the information is ignorant slander.

How did this person qualify for a PhD? (Must be psychology) C’mon! If you’re going to use “multisyllabic psychology words” you have to first learn how to write a proper sentence.

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6 thoughts on “Idiotic slideshow for GP’s to “diagnose” Aspergers

  1. You´re very political today. Again.
    While you´re at it: The majority kept in a state of infancy, under the illusion of being well-informed, but conducted by beliefs, propaganda and “indignation-management” – all this is being summed up quite well by a rather rational psychologist (yeah, I know…), Rainer Mausfeld, in his essay “Why are the Lambs Silent”. I wish the problem was limited to the U.S. and its society, but…
    I think it´s reasonable to first criticize the society one is confronted with. It´s very fashionable in Europe to look down on “dumb America” (while consuming its mass cuture). So it would be a little unpleasant to read your harsh words if they came from somebody from Belgium, Britain, or …Germany.


    • Free speech is a tradition envied by much of the world. An American can criticize just about anyone, which accounts for a lot of the disrespect aimed at authorities (well-deserved) and each other. It also serves profits in media, entertainment, and publishing. Every area of American life is influenced and enabled by politics and politicians – a very bad encroachment as activity unrelated to politics has become politicized. What I criticize is the failure to keep politics out of areas that it damages, such as education. As an Asperger, what I would like to see is government without politics. We have two political parties that in practice are two corporations slugging it out every 4 years for the “right” to loot the Treasury.


  2. Okay, this really is bizarre. Checked all 83 slides. Dr. Moore seemed to just write down whatever came to her mind. There´s an attempt to give the slideshow a structure, but she totally screwed it up and there clearly is no thought behind all that. Maybe she´s quite a nice person, in which case I´d feel sorry for her, or maybe she was drunk when she put up that slideshow. I´d understand that, but one does not necessarily need to use the Enter-button when drunk or stoned.
    Anyway, I would suggest the “schizoid” doesn´t want to go to the prom mainly because of all the annoying people there with their dysfunctional behaviour (for example a head cheerleader – let´s call her Debra – laughing at an aspie who´s just asking a simple question). While it can be fun to study such social events, it´s also exhausting and there´s always the danger of people trying to force social interaction upon you. Sometimes it´s plainly disgusting.
    I tend to see the major crimes of humanity implied in normal and everyday social behaviour. Those major crimes commited mostly by normal and even “nice” people who are operated by the society surrounding them.


    • This is why I keep hammering away at psychologists and the entire “helping, fixing caring industry”. Would you turn over your child to this person? Unfortunately Americans are so poorly educated, lacking in curiosity, unable to think critically about information, and eager to accept “authority” that they will “believe” almost anything. The U.S. is about exploiting people for profit, no matter how many people get hurt or killed, no matter how the country suffers from incompetence, no matter how many nations we destroy. It’s all about money – for the very few at the top.


  3. Re “Those with Asperger’s may use binoculars all the time, and isn’t … ”

    Those with Asperger’s … isn’t?!
    What IS they, then?


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