Parasitic Capitalism / Parasitic Psychology

Some of psychology’s biggest success stories, the field’s outrageous economic success, as well as its extensive interlocking relationship to social engineering, from the bottom of the economic pyramid to  control at the very top , are apparent in the takeover of the average American’s life by advertising and marketing.

Marketing generates plans to manipulate humans for profit; advertising is one means to that goal. Psychology studies human behavior in order to divide human beings into useful “clusters” and categories of people; to define, catalogue and predict which manipulations will work to drive those “groups” to participate in addictive consumerism.

Marketing boils down to two models: diversity: divide and conquer- why we have thousands of shampoo and deodorant brands even though the ingredients are identical – your underarms are special! and unity-mass identity: patriotism, nationalism, globalism, youth-ism. If every person on the planet would drink Coca Cola, every day, humanity will be saved. If every child owns an iPhone or iPod, he or she will save humanity by being “inspired” to invent miracles.

It’s all BS of course, but tragically, the American economy is driven by these fictional, but real and powerful, “mind games”. We Americans are lucky if we can find a satisfactory product at a reasonable price, with sensible packaging and ingredients that don’t poison and make unlivable, not only our local environments, but land, water supplies, the atmosphere and the health and survival of all living things.

What is not talked about is the power to shape and coerce individuals into “objects” that FIT the social categories devised by marketing and advertising  psychology.


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Now that is an accurate description of psychology in action!

The Psychology Behind Consumer Behavior

Posted November 20, 2011 by carolaacosta

Every person has psychological needs; some are in the conscious mind while the majority lay on the subconscious. Being able to analyze, interpret and understand these needs is essential for any good marketing or advertising effort. Numerous studies have been made investigating the mystery behind consumer behavior and purchase decision and many have found that humans do have universal motivators or reasons for acting and behaving as they do. First, lets begin by stressing the importance of understanding the universality of the traditional Maslow’s Pyramid.

(Rather arrogant Western assumptions; unscientific assumptions, in orange.)

Here we can see the basic human necessities and motivators that are the foundation for the human existence. (Outrageous assumption!) We can also observe that the common purpose for every person is self-actualization, which is to fulfill one’s individual potential. This is important for marketers because this means that all of our efforts have to be aimed at improving people way of life and strive to make this personal self actualization process an easier journey for our customers. (HAH! “Improving” is simply a lie to cover the intent of manipulation for profit.)

According to 12 Tips for “Psychological Selling” by Dean Rieck marketing gurus tend to focus solely on the Maslow’s pyramid of needs but he insist that there is more to marketing psychology “People are highly complex and often mysterious, so we all struggle to understand our fellow humans”. Additionally, he states, “there is great benefit in knowing not only what people do, but also why they do it”. He then analyzes consumer behavior regarding purchase decisions by saying that “People make decisions emotionally, People justify decisions with facts, People are egocentric, People look for value, People think in terms of people, You can’t force people to do anything, People love to buy, People are naturally suspicious, People are always looking for something, People buy “direct” because of convenience and exclusivity, People like to see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, or smell it before they buy it and Most people follow the crowd.

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WOW! What we easily see is the justification for exploitive Capitalist actions “dressed up” by outrageously pretentious psychological jargon – jargon that claims to speak for all humanity.


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