Asperger Human / Where does it go from here?

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Meanwhile, in Hunter-Gatherer Wyoming


Asperger Human has been a success: views are closing in on 50,000, an astonishing number to me, but with stats there is no way of knowing what that means in terms of actual interest in Aspergers, or what percentage of views are incidental or accidental – who knows? I find this extremely frustrating. Also “comments” have been scarce, and I had hoped to start conversations about the astonishing carelessness that has been applied to ASD as a “real” condition by the “helping caring fixing industry” and the obscene profits generated by quackery and the harm this has done to individuals.  That is, ASD diagnosis and lifelong treatment is simply one aspect of the current looting of the U.S. economy by the top 1%. How many families are being driven into poverty or bankruptcy (and despair) by ineffective “treatment”? Why is no one listening to ASD people?

I don’t know where the blog goes from here; my observations and opinions are clear enough. What more is there to say? The existing posts will remain except for some deletions -revisions and maybe and occasional addition. A new blog may appear, but I’ve yet to find a focus.

Otherwise: Perhaps the information in Asperger human has turned on a few light bulbs…somewhere.


6 thoughts on “Asperger Human / Where does it go from here?

  1. Yes , “radically different” was what I meant. As a German I’m sometimes missing to use the English adverbial form.
    Glad to see your new posts! However, I do prefer to see your writing as being (not only, but also,) political. It seems to be clearly motivated by an interest in the polis and the rest of the world surrounding you and by the explicit intention to “turn on a few lightbulbs”. It might also encourage more autistics to speak up or write, not leaving it to Mr. Baron Cohen or “Autism speaks” to “explain” them or speak for them. – Well, that’s how I see it and I wouldn’t insist. (I don’t want to give a false impression: I’m non-social, but I’m also pretty sure that I’m neurotypical) Now I’m going to consult google to see if I can claim the term “radically different mind” for myself. … Afraid this won’t be the case.


    • Your English is quite good. American English is “babble” and barely counts as a language; most Americans are not aware of the existence of adverbs. LOL I’m not political personally, but I’m highly critical of politics as a social extravaganza (Look at our party nominating process. Disgraceful!) I would never belong to a political party. My concern is “radically different” minds and believe that an intellectual path is required to undo trauma to ASD people and not the “mommy” avalanche of warm and fuzzy, “we love you” “give me a hug” “repent your sins” psychological bullshit. Understanding how things work, especially hierarchical social structure, and how it targets “those who resist control” is essential to free the rational Asperger brain. There I go again, making speeches. Maybe you’re right.


  2. Well, I would be very glad if you decided to continue this blog or start another blog soon. If you should do the latter, it would be kind of you to inform your readers here, as I’m sure many would love to read more about your views and thoughts and the information you provide. I found your blog some months ago and was pretty excited about it. Here’s why: I admit I had been looking for some intellectual solace amidst society’s idiocies and all this… well, I don’t have to describe it. You yourself describe pretty well the strange default of social humans. So, reading your posts I found out that there’s at least one more human using the terms “social” and “social humans” exactly to describe what I do when using them. I know there are probably many others, but you happen to be the first I came across. What astonished me even more is your take on hunter/gatherer society vs. agricultural mindset and the relation to neurodiversity. I used this as a description (though, unlike you, in a metaphorical way) for a rather radical different mind, the existence of which the socials have such a hard time to grasp. If they do get it, they declare you to be deficient. Putting some nasty-sounding labels on people to make the mere existence of a different perspective bearable for society. Worst case: they decide you not to be bearable – then they’ll resort to their usual “solutions”…
    Okay, while this was meant as a “Thank you”, it became a rant. I would like you to know that I very much enjoyed and appreciated your writings and some of the pictures you posted. I hope you have many fine days in beautiful Wyoming. Greetings and thanks.


    • Well thank-you! I just added a new post, so my intent from yesterday has already failed. Social nuttiness never ends! There is always more to expose. My problem is that there are over 850 posts now and the blog is too big; the same posts get read over and over and the rest are buried. I would like to further explore the idea that present neurodiversity stems from “wild” pre-Ag human types, or even those called Archaic, with far more continuity / mixing in human evolution than is “allowed” by the current white EuroAmerican paradigm: “We are the only humans that exist because we beat the crap out of any and all contenders with our big narcissistic brains” It’s ridiculous. However, research on genetic introgression and neoteny is picking up. As you said, as a metaphor the idea is very useful for overturning irrational social absolutism. I would say that the social regime of exclusion and punishment for “radically different minds” is very serious. Social humans jump to the conclusion that non-social people are dangerous, but as an Asperger, I have no political or ideological impulses; these are social obsessions that Aspergers are “condemned” for not having! More social nuttiness. LOL


  3. “Why is no one listening to ASD people?”

    Neurotypicals are content with the prevailing environment because that environment reflects their needs, and questions about why such an environment doesn’t satisfy everyone’s needs are at best uncomfortable for these people.

    “Mankind is to be overcome” in the Nietzschean sense by groups of people with the same traits realising that there is only so much to be gained by aiding and supporting the prevailing environment.

    Let’s go with Searle or perhaps Kripke then instead: what better “possible world” can you offer?

    That’s where I’d hope the future focus would be …


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