Veterans Affairs Dept. / Corruption is a social activity

untitledVA Social “propaganda” – The magic word syndrome

This has a long lead in so move the bar to about 19.00 for start of hearing.

This link will take you to a video of the March 10 meeting of the Appropriations Subcommittee, Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Discussion of 2017-18 DVA budget.

I’m not suggesting that anyone watch the entire mind-numbing video – but listen to some of the “magic word speeches” about the VA’s amazing plans to resurrect the Titanic incompetence that has “sunk” medical care for veterans. A voyage of stunning greed, irresponsibility and stupidity.

Blah, blah, blah!

What kind of depravity allows these people to be able to LIE with such serious intent and to be utterly indifferent to human life?

Here’s a suggestion: Don’t start idiotic wars of adventure if you can’t pay for the consequences. How dare we ask people to kill in the name of the state (actually for the obscene profit of those who get government contracts for everything from Twinkies to drones that make these corrupt military adventures possible) and then abandon those human beings who manage to survive, but with broken bodies, minds and lives?


One of many outrageous outcomes: Addiction to opiates fueled by DOCTORS.


Vets addicted to drugs by VA doctors. Many kept sedated to the point of overdose and death.

From: WBEZ91.5 Chicago / Aaron Glantz

Senior VA officials declined to be interviewed about the prescription epidemic. Instead, the agency produced a written statement saying it was engaged “in multiple, ongoing efforts to address prescription drug abuse among veterans seen in our healthcare system.”

The agency long has been aware of the problem. In 2009, new VA regulations required clinicians to follow an “integrated approach” to helping veterans in pain, including a stronger focus on treating the root causes of pain rather than using powerful narcotics to reduce symptoms.

But despite the regulations, VA doctors are prescribing more opiates than ever and the data suggests that adoption of the regulations varies wildly.




5 thoughts on “Veterans Affairs Dept. / Corruption is a social activity

  1. I natively think in pictures; words are a second language. I manage as well as I do by dint of decades of hard practice.

    Regarding ‘not revealing directly’ is this so I’m not ***exploited*** by Normies? Or is ‘it hurts too much’ to go into details?

    The nightmares I endure are chiefly possible futures, educated by history. (I’ve endured scenes that make movies on the holocaust seem tame, then) Flashbacks tend to happen ***in the daytime*** -and they’re a near-daily event. (Seeing amputees has given me ***bad*** ones – I’ve relived being blown up, then – as in ‘it’s the current reality’.)


  2. Two unpleasant matters re (nightmare-inducing) pain drugs:

    Getting shot/stabbed/blown-up – take your pick; I’ve endured (to a small degree in the case of two; being blown up wasn’t a small matter) all three – hurts.

    Not ***normal*** hurt, by the way – screaming hurt. (Hope and pray you’re given something that works, then…I didn’t have that luxury) More, severe injuries can take multiple instances of ***ouchy*** surgeries – oh, and even-more-fun physical therapy…

    2) then, there’s the nightmares-waking-and-sleeping aspect that comes from ‘dodging hot lead’ and things of a related nature (or dodging bullies, the snake-pit/the bin, and other PTSD-inducing matters. !fun fact: I’ve read of Veterans – undiagnosed-at-time autists – that had ***bad*** ptsd (jump like *I* do with sudden noises, hypervigilant, expect to be attacked *all* the time, can’t trust people, think all doctors have NPD, etc).

    The veterans in question didn’t get PTSD from being shot at. They got it from being bullied. Like I did.

    Now, the conjunction of these two things is able to make ***lots*** of people want to hide themselves – and some hide in ***bottles*** of one kind or another. (Drink-bottles, pill-bottles, perhaps dwelling-bottles… check out shell-shock videos on u-tube… do those people live in, uh, bottles? Square-cornered ones, perhaps?)

    Thank ***god*** for the ***horrors***. I’d write otherwise about Burroughs without them -as in I might well ***enjoy*** those nasty ‘tickets-to-hell’.


    • It’s always perilous to imagine that one understands another person’s experiences; your comment hints at many things you may not want to reveal directly. As far as war or violent environments – I would not be able to tolerate any bit of it, and marvel that human beings do survive. There are people who seem to have no lingering effects: this I find impossible to comprehend, but there it is: people do. I wrote a post (Is anxiety worse for visual thinkers) about my suspicion that “visual thinkers” may be more prone to severe chronic anxiety or PTSD, simply due to the inability to forget or alter images – words can rewrite almost any event to be a “tolerable” narrative, eventually, but images are “eternal” – outside time. Visual memories will “join in” (be triggered by) stimulus in the present, in my experience; related images find each other. It’s the blessing and curse of a pattern-seeking brain. Autists” are predominantly visual thinkers, I believe, from what I’ve read.


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