Deep Time / Where Aspergers Live

Time slows down near an aspie

I can’t remember not feeling this way about time: The more “free” time the better. Long unaccounted-for stretches: no schedules, appointments, obligations, duties, entanglements, irritants, expectations. No irritating noises, confrontations, painful voices, incomprehensible requests, interruptions of thought, control freak judgements – no trivial demands. No magical thinking or superstitious behavior that I reacted to with shock – and “inappropriate” disbelief.

A Neurotypical may find this “lifestyle” outrageous: a person cannot be allowed to live the Asperger Way, because humans are obligated to a life of social slavery. How dare a child be so selfish, cold, uncaring, atypical, abnormal, self-important, antisocial, deviant, unfashionable – hateful, none of which describes the actual origins or motives underlying our behavior. These are “fear-based” judgements: I was often told that “everyone else” must accept being unhappy – Why should you get away with “doing what you want to do”. Misery loves company; I concluded that human beings were very peculiar… if a person was unhappy, they “felt better” by believing that other people were unhappy too.

Neurotypicals assume that their behavior is the only “correct” and allowable behavior.

The War on Neuroexceptional children and adults (thank-you, Martha Schmidtmann Dunne for this excellent “designation” that could replace the ASPERGER label) is so blatant to those of us who are hyposocial and rational (but not deficient) humans, that there can be no argument that it doesn’t exist. The fact that Neurotypicals “see us” in negative ways merely points out their cultural blindness, which also extends to hating many other cultures.

The fact that an alternative culture can be actively created and lived by Neuroexceptional people is rejected and turned into a taboo way of life. Our valid existence cannot penetrate the social typical narcissism that excludes any group of people who look, dress, act, speak, have “color” as a property of their skin or speak a “foreign” language, and all these are in addition to the standard list of alien beliefs and knowledge that must be rejected or destroyed.

Neuroexceptional people value the powerful opportunity to make the most of “free time” because it


We have objectives for our lives that are founded in curiosity and knowledge. We have our culture, and it arises from who we are, not who Neurotypicals think we are.


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