Saturday in America / Asperger Freak Out

I don’t think that it’s a big secret: The U.S. citizenry has been fighting a Civil War, not since Viet Nam, or the “Civil-Civil War” in the 1860s, but from the very first, when ill-tempered and supernaturally deluded colonists forgot to plan ahead for survival on the narrowest of slivers of boggy and inhospitable “land” on the east coast. The balls of those people!

Although “religious” Europeans fled Europe for “high ideals” they soon took to abusing and murdering the natives. Of course, Europeans did bad things all over the world during the Age of Discovery, but coming to the New World was supposed to be a chance to build a New Civilization: Europe 2.0, 3.0…10.0…..

The Spanish exterminations, looting, and enslavement that swept the South and Central New World were driven by power-hungry low-lifes. Spain’s “explorers” were like army ants that floated across the Atlantic; the first invasive species to ruin the New World environments. They immediately began eliminating the competing predators (Native inhabitants) just as wolves and other top predators are traditionally destroyed. The wealth of native civilizations was dragged home, and Spain promptly imploded due to a vast spending spree. What is Spain today? A place to go see what remains of past greed and incompetency. Tapas anyone?

What I’m saying is, Europe (and it’s far flung colonies) provided colonists for the Americas, and still do. It was assumed that merely by stepping ashore, all the bad habits and cultural sins of the “new guys” would be magically shed because God controlled the border. It didn’t happen: the venue for European hostilities moved to the U.S.

Often we fail to mention the forced immigration of Africans, because at the time they were “imports” – not human, but cargo, and worth quite a bit of money. Today we instead import farm machinery and illegal aliens. I’m sure that if slavery weren’t illegal, we still be at it. (In fact, the trafficking of sex slaves continues to be just one more  American profit node.)

No one has yet to resolve the aftermath of this basic history: Americans claim to be “innovative” and yet, 150 years on from emancipation, we haven’t actually made progress on racism. Individual States (bribed and extorted by federal $$$$) and the Federal governments have spent gazillions of dollars on agencies, layers of bureaucracy, salaries for hundreds of thousands of federal employees, law enforcement officers, psychologists and lawyers, and social workers: built buildings, grant structures, education programs and filled to overflowing jails and prisons, but the SOCIAL origins of racism have never been confronted.

As an Asperger I’ve been labeled subhuman because I don’t have a mythical, imaginary and invented “social brain” (if there were such a thing, it is entirely broken and careening out of control in Americans). I become incensed and insulted when I am told that I must “act like” socially typical humans, who are defined as superior, because they are obedient to an archaic and cruel social regime.

What a travesty: American culture has been a “social” disaster from the beginning! What’s worse is that the “instructions” for having a decent government exist. Our poor battered and abused Constitution can’t save Americans from themselves. Yes, the United States has produced a legacy of technology thanks to certain individuals, many who were the products of advanced European education, and labor provided by utterly unequal and chronically poor slaves of corporations.

The United States profited greatly due to WWII – all the competing economies were in ruins – only total incompetence could have avoided such a windfall, which included highly talented refugees. Unfortunately, we’re following Spain’s example of how to break an empire: wealth that was gained post WWII is gone; wealth does not endow leaders or governments or populations with clarity, wisdom or judgement.

The peoples of the world are still suffering from the “I want to be Pharaoh, Emperor, Great King, Dictator” complex of Top Males, who have no regard for the lives around them. It’s obvious that this psychopathic genre of male leaders is headed for another showdown. The U.S. is showing the way: Our leadership has descended into pugnacious political chaos. No one vying for president has the least capacity to confront the long-running American social civil war. No problem-solving is on the horizon, but social conflict is now close to becoming a shooting war.

Many groups of Americans, egged on by a infantile socially-driven political system, are voting for a shooting war.



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