Monday / Not my favorite day

Reblog from a previous Monday.

Don’t like Mondays: they feel like practice days;

like getting ready for the real week. This has to be an old feeling because nowadays, as an old person, I have no schedule. Yes, I can call myself “Old Person” or “Old Lady” or “The Witch of Wyoming” because I’ve earned it. There were plenty of moments and days and years when I doubted I’d make it to forty. I think that a lot of people who survived the 1960s and 1970’s relatively intact in body and mind, feel the same. Those were rough, but exciting decades. If you have no knowledge of  post WWII-era America because you’re young, go read some history. It will read like ancient history, but the world you live in was built by our mistakes.

I don’t think anyone can truthfully say that they know what happened, but my version is this: The United States “won” the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and drunk with money and power, we went nuts.

A major game-changer to come out of WWII wasn’t a nation or a political system, it was a gun.

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