Butchering the Human Body / A Social Activity


Mother-Daughter plastic surgery. Unfit mother? Mentally disturbed mother? Or “normal” neurotypical mother?

All the money in the world can’t make a person sane, but having money can make the fault lines in neurotypical human character painfully obvious. These “hatchet jobs” reveal a supernatural dimension in the brain created by psychological neoteny; a vision of human physical “perfection” that is the corollary of human behavioral distortion and moral rigidity. These faces are the hatred and fear of physical reality made visible. Birth, growth, aging and death are human destiny.

Self-butchery is pathological narcissism (childish self-centeredness) at the extreme. This is the horror of social reality. This is social distortion at the top of the  pyramid, which “peasants” are urged to copy.

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3 thoughts on “Butchering the Human Body / A Social Activity

  1. Normdom’s multiplicity of gods are diagnosable psychopaths. (The social world is polytheistic, as per Jung’s red book – which, incidentally, has a ***strong*** grimoire vibe…)

    Hence, all proper Norms seek to become more like their gods, with the ultimate goal of usurpation followed by disposal. (Tuwi asonai man; “we have fattened you with friendship for the slaughter”/ social cannibalism)


  2. Normdom has an instinctual apprehension as to how each and every ‘individual’ is supposed to appear to his peers and betters, and hence for any given place in the dominance hierarchy, there is a certain look one must have.

    In having this look, one shows one’s peers that one belongs to the clique; one’s betters, that one is in proper subjection to them, (and obliquely, that one knows one’s chief duty is to worship those same betters) – and those below…. Those below see the full front of one’s instintual narcissism.

    Manifesting one’s ‘perfection’ by this means is *somewhat* acceptable, which is why most who so indulge attempt to hide the fact that they have indeed ‘indulged’ in ‘surgical correction’. The reality is that they were supposed to be ‘this way’ all along – and the darker *truth* is that ‘one is supposed to alter one’s appearance ‘moment by moment’ so as to advance ever higher in ‘the great chain of being’ – and THAT is done by means of ***Magick***.

    Eg, from the song ‘Hotel California” – “lines on the mirror, lines on the face” *ostensibly* means that someone is ‘indulging’ in pharmeceutically-induced perfection. The more-likely matter is that the individual in question is drawing *lines* onto a mirror, and then – by means of chanted magickal sayings while LOOKING at this ‘new face’ – actually altering their physical appearance for a time.


    • “Hotel California” Brilliant. When I’m in a certain mood I play the Eagles and drive. Therapeutic, not in the traditional social “fool-yourself” way, which merely aims to get people back in sync with “Normdom” but in a “strong and triumphant” way. Thanks for providing thoughts for a new post. Your comment coincides with a recent bout with “Normdom” Not so awful in itself, but excruciating in that it’s a reminder that the hierarchy never lets you go. And a fresh realization that the social game is not only about power; power is a means to hurt people. The underlying reward for sociopaths is that they ENJOY hurting people.


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