More Joy, Less Suffering / Social Cruelty


Only a society bereft of conscience can commit cruelty against its most helpless citizens.

Social humans have been waiting thousands of years for change, for miracles, for a massive destructive event that wipes out evil and replaces it with a supernatural theme park. Worse, too many are just looking for mass destruction. Social humans inhabit a fantasy dimension created by words; a dimension that exists solely in the human mind, but never in nature. Words are the destructive genie that escaped the bottle on the way to “modern civilization” – words distort reality and justify cruelty.

The majority of word concepts are so removed from reality that they mean nothing. Generic concepts are made up of generic words that obscure perception and defeat action. Words further war, poverty, and division: the word priests scream, scold, punish and pervert human behavior, and the result is that modern social humans can no longer distinguish what is harmful behavior from healthy behavior. Nor can societies judge those who commit inhumane behavior. “It’s all good.”

A better today is not difficult: Stop hurting people and animals. Stop trashing the earth. Just stop: no more studies, theories, laws, arguments, funding drives, religious excuses or waiting for miracles. Just stop. Give it a try: at least once each day, resist the urge to dismiss a real person as some extraneous blob in your peripheral vision; as someone who is in your way; as a object in an invisible class of people. Look around. Look at faces; see humanity. Stop harming others by ignoring that they exist. No one is “better” than you, nor “lesser” than you. Just stop.


“Barriers To Assistance for the homeless mentally ill” from: A CARING WEBSITE. Message? It’s their fault.

According to a 2003 report released by the US Department of Health and Human Service, most homeless persons who suffer from mental illness do not necessarily need to be institutionalized if they have appropriate supportive housing options. [9] The problem lies in the fact that many severely mentally ill homeless persons are unable to access supportive housing and/or treatment services for both social reasons and reasons related to their impaired conditions. [8] Therefore, there exists both societal and self-imposed barriers to individuals with severe mental illness to receive assistance

Unbelievable! People choose to be severely mentally ill? Is being confined to a wheelchair a self-imposed barrier? What about being old and suffering dementia? How about disease caused by smoking? Do we refuse to treat these people?

Individuals suffering from severe mental illness face societal and self-imposed barriers to assistance. For example, the current lack of an effective system of mental healthcare represents a societal barrier to receiving mental health services. In addition to this, self-imposed barriers such as the intense paranoia that can accompany mental illness often leads severely mentally ill individuals to resist help from community services.

People do not CHOOSE to be paranoid. What so many refuse to understand is that people with severe mental problems don’t want “help” because “help” is being thrown into jail without the least concern for the person’s mental state or vulnerability. To become prey for vicious criminal inmates; to be subjected to chemical lobotomy, rape, beatings, stabbings  (or murder) is not treatment.



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