A ‘Normal’ Human does not Exist

These individuals are all Homo sapiens – “Humans”

img_3965 living-in-the-kalahari01 2ur0znr korean wDtFF Woman s. China 9753Andamanese-people-608 Toda Tribal Man - India 1890's cro ab 37531879_DSC0409c afghan bestTurkmen mlabri_3 thai

White EuroAmerican males DO NOT REPRESENT humankind, they simply seek to dominate other humans by defining what it is to be human as “themselves” and excluding everyone else. There is no generic, normal, average human being. There are only individuals who are obligate bipeds, with a large brain to body ratio; we all communicate using visual and verbal languages. Each of us varies in talents and preferences, with a few being avid tool-makers and inventors. Others are artists, thinkers and parents. We all contribute to H. sapiens. So stop pretending that EuroAmerican white males represent anything other than a tiny (and highly predatory)percentage of human beings.


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