An excellent presentation of the sun/earth relationship; I suspect that like other organisms, humans are tied to the energy systems of the planet in sensory ways that we don’t comprehend. Much more at:

Research is linking bipolar/depression to disturbances in an individual’s circadian rhythm. This post by The Science Geek points out that the ratio of daylight to dark varies daily and changes with latitude. It’s an intriguing and intuitive connection: 

Perhaps traditional mass gatherings (which included dances, trances, rituals) that took place at sites such as Stonehenge, had a physiological effect; the resetting or synchronizing of a groups’ circadian rhythms (and/or other electrical and hormonal functions) to changes in the sun/earth environment throughout the year. These effects most likely continue today during festivals that bring together millions who benefit from “getting in sync” with the masses.  


Explaining Science

The June solstice, which for most of the world will fall on June 21 this year, is the longest day in the northern hemisphere and the day when the Sun is at its highest in the midday sky (see note). The origin of the word solstice is from the Latin words sol, which means Sun, and sistere, to stand still, because around the time of the solstice the Sun stops getting higher, appears to stand still at the same height for a few days and then gets lower in the midday sky.

The graph below show the maximum height, or elevation, of the Sun, measured in degrees above the horizon, during the month of June. The graph is for a place 50 degrees in latitude North, roughly the same latitude of the southern tip of the British Isle,  It shows how slowly the elevation of the Sun changes around the solstice.

Sun height June

The fact that the Sun’s…

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The June Solstice / Human Health-Environment

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